Pink Game: Squid, Fish Game 1.0.9 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Pink Game: Squid, Fish Game 1.0.9 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money)

App Information of Pink Game: Squid, Fish Game Downlaod for android

App Name Pink Game: Squid, Fish Game
Package Name
Version 1.0.9
Rating 5.8
Size 50.1 MB15.0 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Updated 2021-10-06
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Games, Puzzle

Description of Pink Game: Squid, Fish Game mod Apk (unlimited money/coins) for android

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Pink game: Squid Hunger’s deadly premise is teeming with life. How does it feel to fight with 456 players , knowing that your life depends on yourself because you know anyone can kill you? Will you be able to win the game knowing that the rule of games is simple but dead also near you if you lose. In squid horror game, you will have a chance to face your reward money, but you’re warned… Reality is damn scary!

In this colourful horror game, 456 stickman player compete in childhood games to survival with their lives at stake, all to win the grand prize of 456 billion USD. The Squid Survival Shooting Games featuring contests such as Red Light, Green Light, dalgona candy, tug-of-war and marbles. Be sure not to miss the final squid survival game, which is a real roller-coaster.


Squid Horror Game stickman recruiters handed out business cards with the game’s symbol — a circle, triangle and a square – for you. After you received it, you will be one of stickman players of this horror game even through you have started to feel regret and don’t want to play anymore because you can dead by one shoot when you lose. The pink man with a gun will appear throughout the squid survival game at anytime to kill you. The only way to get out of this hell is win the squid survival games

+ The “”red light, green light”” is a first outstanding children’s game in which one person commands those behind them to run (green light) and hold still (red light), and eliminates those who move during a red light phase. But in “”red light, green light”” horror game, a super-creepy giant schoolgirl robot doll thing calls out commands for players to run and stop, and if it catches them moving, the super-creepy giant girl immediately triggers a gun to shoot them, eliminating and kill the player by gun. The obvious result in “”red light, green light”” game is dead and the hell will come.

+ The second of the deadly squid survival game, attempting to cut a shape out of dalgona candy (or honeycomb toffee), you will win if you can stencil the shape out of the dalgona candy without breaking it or the pinkman will kill you by their gun and bring you go to the hell. That’s easy if you have a triangle shape, not so easy if you picked the umbrella. The tips for this game is that licking the back of the dalgona candy helps release the shape.

There are also a lot of hell game to make you explore. Don’t be killed off to soon. It’s very addictive and bingeable.


+ Up to 456 players
+ Big rewards after the end game
+ Explore more simple gameplay to win
+ New survivors. New mini games. New dialogue
+ Fully simulated gameplay
+ Over 20 characters to choose

How far would you go for a second chance at life or dead? For Squid Survival Game‘s despairing player, no price is too great — whether it’s risking their lives or taking another’s. The horror game lending strong emotional beats after every round’s thrilling highs.

Don’t you have any money, so pay with your body for now!”
– Add new Dead Modes.